Traditional pluuuuuuuuuug!

2017-09-06 11:49:50 by NilesCD

Gonna do that really annoying thing that all of us do when we do a project which is pluuuuuuuuuug said thing!


So yeah, if you fancy go take a look. It's a big support towards my art.

Thank you for your support so far on here! 



I'ma just going to plug this here...

2017-05-04 02:00:05 by NilesCD

Shameless plug, awwwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy!

I said I’d keep you updated! Crying Data chapter 1 is now out on Comixology! If you fancy checking out you’d be supporting me and my work! It’s $2.99 per chapter, content being more than 35 pages each. So yeah… Here’s a picture of a cute sloth.


But thank you for your support! On art or this either way you guys are my digital family, so thank you!

Have a pleasant one, Niles.


Announcement time! Right! Now most of you know that I’m currently writing a graphic novel. (Or not! Either way, surprise!) (Called Crying Data, by the way… Just putting it out there) And over the past couple of months I’ve been a little quieter than usual in regards to uploading artwork (If you have not noticed then I’ll be greatly upset) – Well, that’s because I’ve got a publisher now. Prismatic Press has taken on the honour of dealing with my sexy madness and in the near future will be available for purchase online and print. Of course, I’ll still upload a tone of strange and questionable artwork for you lovely people and for those that read my work preview pages will still be uploaded.

(My rambling will come to a close eventually) Now I’m rambling because I’ve got to let readers know that whole chapters will no longer be available through my site, or free unfortunately. Instead there will be 5-8 pages views of each chapter and if you’re interested (and you think it’s worth the money) you can buy the chapters in full at its most fabulous through Prismatic Press site or comiXology. (You’ll also be pleased to know it’s going through the editing process as well, so brilliant grammar and English all the way – Whoohoo!) This isn’t happening right now, but in the near future shit will go down.

If you have any suggestions on artwork ect in regards to merch, such as prints and such – Let me know and I’ll pitch it out for future use. Thank you for your time and support, you beaut! -Niles